Club Expectations

Sportsmanship Conduct

The goal of the program is to provide participants with an opportunity to develop and enhance their gymnastic skills in a supportive and structured environment. Participants are expected to follow directions from the coaches at all times. We support fully, participants who are motivated to be in the program, who arrive at class prepared, focused to work and have appropriate type fun.

Participants who create distraction or interfere with other participants may be asked by the coach or board member to take time out and if it continues, to discontinue the sessions. Parents/guardians will be notified, and if the distracting behaviour continues, the participant may be required to discontinue the season with no refunds for participants due to distracting behaviour. The coaches will be focused on participant skill development and safety, not behaviour or developmental challenges.

We respect the fact that motivated participants will require a structured and predictable environment in order to see growth and development.

Club Rules

  • Do gymnastics safely
  • Ask you coach’s permission before getting on equipment
  • Ask you coach’s permission before getting on equipment
  • Ask your coach’s permission before attempting new skills
  • Be cautious and aware of your surroundings when moving in gym
  • If you leave the class, you must tell your coach
  • Do not enter the gym area without a certified coach also in the gym area
  • Wear comfy, stretchy clothing. No loose clothing. Hair tied back.
  • Be alert and safety conscious of your surroundings
  • Watch where you are going at all times
  • Walk don’t run
"Set your goals, follow your dreams, listen to your heart
and don’t let anything stand in your way"
- Brandy Johnson