Flippin Fun Gymnastics Club, established in February 2018, is an incorporated and non-profit organization, comprised of a Board of Directors who governs the club.  We are affiliated with Gymnastics BC. A group of like-minded volunteer woman came together to support the talented and highly skilled gymnastic coaches living in our community. We strive to provide a high quality program meeting current industry standards, while focusing on safety, skill development and a supportive environment for the participants. Our top priorities include supporting our coaching roster, establishing healthy working relationships with like-minded community support & securing a permanent Gymnastics home! Our goal is to help support the health and wellness of Grand Forks & surrounding communities.

Our club relies heavily on the volunteer factor in order to make this program accessible to all families. With the exception of our expert paid coaches, our time is solely voluntary. Our goal is to keep the participant cost as low as possible while still being able to offer a quality program.

We value respect, positive thinking, commitment & dedication, open honesty, sportsmanship & fair play, encouraging positive self-esteem, and connection with others.


Club’s mission statement  – The purpose of the club is to promote and encourage participation in gymnastics as a means to improve fitness, resilience and wellness for all participants. We believe movement is an important key to a physically healthy body and mind. We work hard to instil the development of mutual trust and friendship between participants and their families. We strive to support each gymnast reach their fullest potential and to secure the long term future of Gymnastics in Grand Forks.




Amanda has had a passion for gymnastics since a young girl and has competed at the provincial level in her teenage years. At the age of 16 she started coaching gymnastics in her small home town in Alberta. As the years passed, Amanda continued to upgrade her gymnastics certification, which include Level 2 Gymnastics. Level 1 cheerleading, Level 1 trampoline & tumbling, as well as being high five certified. She continued to coach gymnastics well into her University days where she graduated with a Degree in Education. After graduation she went on to coach another ten years of recreational and competitive gymnastics before moving to Grand Forks with her family. Amanda is a local full-time High School teacher. When not at work, with her family or coaching, you’ll see training for triathlons! Amanda is thrilled to finally be able to offer her gymnastics skills and talents to the community of Grand Forks. Amanda also sits on the Board of Directors.



Alyssa has had the love for gymnastics since she could remember. She started competing when she was seven and started training as a coach when she was 13 years old. Her coaching qualifications include Artistic Gymnastics Level 1, Tumbling Level 1, and well as her High Five Certificate. She has plans to upgrade her coaching to a Level 2. She has coached at multiple locations in the Lower Mainland at the recreational and competitive levels. Alyssa is excited to be able to offer her coaching services in Grand Forks. She completes her Grade 12 in June 2019 and is focussed on working towards a Degree in Childhood Education. Alyssa is very pleased to be part of the newly formed gymnastics club and looks forward to being a pillar in its development.

cambria hogarth

Cam’s early passion for gymnastics led her to obtaining her coaching certifications (intro, theory, artistic and trampoline level 1). Along with coaching gymnastics, Cam is currently a busy high school student and athlete.


kristal smith

Kristal is a working Mother of 3 beautiful children, ages 20, 16 & 8. She moved to Grand Forks in 2001 and worked as a Pharmacy Technician for 12 years at Value Drug Mart. After that she was invited to apply at Dave Dale Insurance where they graciously accepted her into the family and has been for 4 years now as an Insurance Agent. In her spare time, she aside by parenting, enjoys hiking, boating and camping with her family and friends. She loves the winter and uses our little ski hill as much as possible or the mountains for snowmobiling! She has volunteered for Girl Guides of Canada for 14 years and has helped maintain books and fundraising events with the Grand Forks Air Cadets. During her high school days, she loved and lived gymnastics. She is so thrilled to be able to share those skills with her youngest and that is what brings me to this wonderful group! Kristal also its of the Board of Directors.



Eden’s love for gymnastics started in preschool and hasn’t stopped. She trained in competitive and performance gymnastics and has experience in dance and cheerleading. She has completed her Intro, Theory, Artistic Level 1 coaching courses and plans to complete more certifications. She loves to have fun while being active and strives to become the best version of herself. When not busy with school work, extra-curriculars, friends and family, Eden loves outdoor activities and living an active lifestyle

Board of Directors

Svetlana Dalla Lana

Svetlana has been involved in sports and fitness since a young age. She values physical and mental harmony as part of A sound body & mind. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree and works as a Primary Care Registered Nurse at the Christina Lake Medical Clinic. Her passion for this Gymnastics Program began when she realized her children’s (and their friends) love for the sport and the benefit it had on their growth and development, combined with the need for more year round options for kids in our community and an invitation to join the Board by the founding President Vendela Villanueva . She strives to see Grand Forks and surrounding area reach its highest potential and that starts by investing in the children & youth who live in our communities. Healthy families contribute to healthy communities. Svetlana’s top priorities include supporting and increasing the coaching roster, developing healthy working relationships with like-minded community support &  with solidifying a permanent gymnastics home. When not working on this passion project, at her workplace or with her family, you’ll find her engaging in some form of physical activity!

Vendela Villanueva

My name is Vendela Villanueva. I’ve was born & raised in Grand Forks and have lived here off & on throughout my life. My husband and I have 5 kids combined. All of the kids have been heavily involved in sports throughout their lives and I have seen the direct benefit this involvement and quality coaching has had on them. I truly believe that great coaching really makes a huge impact on our kids’ future success.  I was fortunate when I was a young girl to be part of the gymnastics club in GF. It was a great experience that has benefited me physically and mentally through the rest of my life. I am thrilled that now our local children get the opportunity to learn the sport. I am part of the group of ladies who has spent the last year getting the Flippin Fun Gymnastics Club off the ground. It has been a very busy year behind the scenes but it is starting to come together and we are all ecstatic to finally be able to offer gymnastics to the residents of Grand Forks. . We are lucky to have some very skilled coaches and a small, motivated group of core volunteers who have put the wheels in motion. We have big plans to expand our equipment and program offerings over the next few years. I look forward to the growth of the club. In listening to the responses from the families who live here, they are as excited as we are. I believe the Flippin’ Fun Gymnastics Club will help entice more young families to move here and for families living here to look at Grand Forks as a place to stay to raise their kids.

Leanne Jansen-Harris

Leanne is vital in keeping the clubs finances organized and up to date. Leanne grew up in the Fraser Valley with an active childhood that was filed with various athletic and outdoor activities. One of the most influential activity for her was gymnastics which she started as a child and continued with in her teenage years. She moved to Grand Forks in the early 2000’s and continued my education at Selkirk College in Grand Forks and then in Castlegar. She graduated in 2005 with a Diploma in Business Administration majoring in Accounting with honours. Leanne is a mother to an amazing 7 year old daughter who now shares her love of gymnastics. Thrilled to be a part of this group of talented and dedicated individuals who have come together to see our shared vision of bringing back gymnastics to this area. She looks forward to the future and helping this program succeed and grow.

Claire Stanhope

Claire is a young mother of two children who recently moved to Grand Forks after visiting in early 2018 and falling in love with the area and community. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Claire participated in gymnastics as a youth and credits the mental and physical strength she gained to her performance in other areas of her life. Active in the Mountain Biking and Soccer communities in her hometown, she is acutely aware of the need for volunteers and parent participation in sport and community. Claire is passionate about health and the mind-body connection and is very excited to be involved with our community.


Leanne Babcock
Leanne Babcock Arnott

Leanne moved from the Lower Mainland where she owned and operated a Personal Training Studio for seven years in North Vancouver. Leanne has now made Grand Forks her home since 2017 with her two boys River and Ryder and husband Doug. Completing a Diploma in Fitness Leadership and being a personal trainer for most of her career, Leanne recognizes the benefits of this incredible all-encompassing sport! Having trained in Gymnastics Conditioning herself in her late 20’s for Fitness Competitions she experienced the empowering affects it has and is ecstatic to see her youngest son enjoying it so much! Leanne is looking forward to being a part of the club and the ongoing vision it provides for the growing community of Grand Forks!


If you are a highly motivated person with a passion for the vision, please step forward!

Claire Stanhope


Why did you decide to start a gymnastics program in Grand Forks?

The previous club existed in the late 1970’s. Since then there has been tumbling programs and guest coaches. Parents also have been driving their children out of town for gymnastics. Recently a combination of qualified local coaches and the high leve l of community interest was recognized and the program was re-born with the help of a dedicated volunteer group in Feb 2018. 

Is Gymnastics healthy for my child?

Yes, gymnastics promotes physical and mindful, lifelong fitness. Along with encouraging fitness, it instills a high quality work ethic and sportsmanship. It’s a great compliment to other sports including hockey, skating, dance, baseball, BMX, basketball, volleyball and swimming. Gymnastics helps develop speed, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina, core stability,  power and confidence.

Can Gymnatics cause injury?

Like in all sports, there is an element of risk. Gymnastics is a high-impact sport, and one misstep can cause serious injuries. Broken bones and injuries are not uncommon among gymnasts. All precautions are taken to ensure a safe participant environment, but accidents do occur.

Will there be competitions?

There will most likely be a competitive stream in the future. We are focussing on establishing ourselves as a sustainable club first. Our Head Coach holds a strong background in competitive Gymnastics, both as participant and coach.

Why do you have a BOYS-ONLY class?

Boys are welcome in ALL classes, but we recognize and tailor a specific class for boys to help improve their coordination, agility , power, speed and flexibility while building their confidence.

Are you considering a Ninja/parkour set up at some point?

Yes, most definitely. What a fantastic compliment that would be to offer the participants. Learn More

Have you found a permanent gymnastics home?

No, our team of highly motivated people are looking into all options for a long lasting home.

Are you associated with Gymnastics of BC?

Yes! As of May 17, 2019, we are officially affiliated.  Gymnastics BC is the provincial sport organization responsible for the governance, promotion and development of gymnastics in BC. 

www.gymbc.org           604-333-3496


Why can’t I use my device at gymnastics?

We recognize devices have improved communication and access to information in current society. But we also recognize devices can be very distracting and want to promote a focussed environment that nurtures gymnastics skills, connection among both participants and their families and friends.

If I need to use my device, what should I do?

If you need to use your device to make that phone call or text, we request you step outside of the building to respect our vision for a device free room.

What can I do if I can’t use my device in the room?

Watch your child do gymnastics, talk with your neighbour, read a book, clean out your purse, day dream, hold your cup of coffee with both hands, go for a walk, are just a few examples. 

I don’t understand why this “device free zone” is being encouraged, and to be honest, I'm a bit offended?

Your response is totally normal. We recognize device free time as an opportunity to take back the important things in your life. Kids are beginning to complain about the amount of time parents spend on their phones. And if we don’t draw the line on our phone use, who will? Let’s support each other in this important experimental intervention and set an example to our children who will no doubt be working very hard on their gymnastics moves.
“Hey mom, did you see me do that backflip? I finally did it”!! 

Learn More

Why is gymnastics expensive?

Gymnastics equipment is expensive. Qualified coaches come with a price. A suitable facility is a must. We are now affiliated with KidsSport BC to help families with registration fees. Please go to their website for more information. www.kidsportcanada.ca 

Why can’t there be more classes offered?

Scheduling works around our coaches who also have day jobs and require sufficient family time. 

Why can’t I get a refund after classes start?

Our program relies heavily on commitment and registration fees. We need to pay our bills in order to continue with programming. 

I have a concern or comment regarding the gymnastics program, who do I talk to?

Please email your concerns or questions to grandforksgymnastics@gmail.com. We will do our best to direct you to the appropriate person. The next step will be an in person discussion to address your concerns and questions. We value open and honest in-person communication. 

How do I know the coaches are worthy of coaching my child?

Coaches come with their Gymnastics Coaching Certification, Basic First Aid, Criminal Record and Reference checks. 

What does my child wear to gymnastics?

Currently, there is no special dress code. Fitted, stretchy and comfortable clothes are ideal. Participants are welcome to wear a formal gymnastics outfit if they wish. Hair tied back and no jewelry due to risk of injury.  

I have a Fundraiser Idea, who should I speak with?

The Club relies heavily on money from grants and fundraisers to purchase equipment. If you have an idea for fundraising, we would like to talk with you. 

How do I get involved with the Club?

Please speak to one of the Board Members for current opportunities. We are always looking for skilled volunteers as a club helper or formal Board Member.

Do you do Birthday Parties?

Birthday Parties are offered on Saturdays for 2 hours. 1 hour of coached gymnastics followed by 1 hour of social time. Up to 8 guests. $120. Email us to book your party!

Are there drop-ins?

We recognize not everyone can make a class and as of July there will be an adult & senior drop in option.

Why don’t you have all the fancy gymnastics mats & equipment I see at other clubs?

Gymnastics equipment is VERY expensive. Our goal is to provide a program accessible to all participants. This requires patience and fundraising to obtain our desired equipment wish list. We chose to start off small, and the goal is to grow big. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the saying goes!

My child has plantars warts on his feet and I don’t know how to get rid of them?

Plantars warts are VERY common in school aged children and occasionally they are painful. Some factors that contribute to developing them are excessive sweating, public showers and repetitive microtrauma to the foot (eg.sports). Check your child’s feet often. Speak to your doctor or Club Nurse if you are concerned.

My child has a fever, cough, pain and/or diarrhea, should I still come to class?

If your child is showing signs of illness, consider letting them rest at home to speed their recovery and to help prevent the spread of infection. 

My child has a health concern who should I talk to?

You are more than welcome to share with your primary coach and/or the clubs Registered Nurse. Alternatively your Family Doctor is always a good place to start. 

My child has been diagnosed with a developmental disability. Can they still participate in gymnastics?

Some developmental disabilities may include ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, intellectual disabilities, vision impairment, language disorders, Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders, fetal alcohol and drug-related syndromes, tourette syndrome, and spina bifida, as some examples. Your child who has been diagnosed formally or informally, may still participate in gymnastics with the assistance of their SUPPORT PERSON, additionally, the same sportsmanship conduct will apply to them as all other participants. Please familiarize yourself with this code of conduct. We recognize that children with disabilities may require a unique approach to gymnastics and we are proud to be able to offer tailored classes for children with developmental disabilities.

What do you mean by zero tolerance for bullying?

 The Club is honoured to be a BULLY FREE ZONE. We are excited to offer a place for children to call their gymnastics home. We consider “bullying to be unwanted and harmful behaviour and is done on purpose and is usually repeated”. We strive to offer a nurturing environment of respect and safety. Not only is gymnastics about movement, but it’s also about developing emotional, social, cognitive and communication skills.

We conclude a need for an advanced plan, be set up if bullying is surely happening. Based on the above definition the coaches/Board member, will move forward with taking action. The perpetrator will be asked to take a time out for that session to ensure a healthy environment for the rest of participants. This will be followed by a conversation involving all pertinent parties, including guardians of victim and perpetrator. There will be ONE opportunity for the perpetrator to correct or stop the bullying behaviour after the incident. If bullying behaviour continues, on or off the gymnastics floor, the perpetrator will be asked to leave the gymnastics program with no refund. Learn More

Evidence Based Info

Why can’t I take pictures of my child on any given session?

We recognize that with our fast paced technology, a picture may be posted online, and not just of YOUR child. We strive to protect the privacy rights of our children and ask you obtain permission from the participant’s guardian to use that picture online. Please read for more information.

How do I donate money or a specific item to the Gymnastics Club?

Along with fundraising and Grants, we rely heavily on generous business and personal donations in order to be upgrading our equipment inventory. If you would like to be involved in gifting the club equipment or anything else you see fit, please speak with the Board. You will be recognized for your contributions.

For any questions or concerns contact us at: grandforksgymnastics@gmail.com