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 Thursday April 2 @ POOL LOBBY 6-8pm

Friday April 3 @ POOL LOBBY 6-8PM

Saturday April 4 @ CURLING RINK 10-4

Class schedule TBA soon 



It’s hard to be humble when you can jump, flip, and tumble

Flippin Fun Gymnastics is a non-profit organization located in Grand Forks BC, bringing social connection, physical activity, and its benefits to the community!

Gymnastics BC Affiliated


Parent & Tot

Offering classes for parents to join their children from 18 months - 4 years An open and relaxed style where parents attend.


A variety of classes for boys ages 8-16 years who want to learn a combination of gymnastics & parkour movements.

Girls / CO-ED

ADVANCED GIRLS 5-7 yrs & 8-13 yrs | CO-ED 5-7 yrs, 8-10 yrs, & 9-13 yrs | CO-ED TEEN WARRIOR 12-18 yrs | SPECIAL NEEDS​


Adult classes offered on Wednesdays @ 7-8pm. Learn and improve on body movement while increasing strength and mobility.


If you or a group are interested in a Sensational Senior class, please connect with us.

Birthday Parties

Flippin Fun Gymnastics offers fantastic birthday parties for all ages on Saturdays. (1hr gymnastics with a coach / 1 hr social time). Up to 8 guests / $120. Email today to book your event.

Flippin Fun Gymnastics is proudly affiliated with Gymnastics BC and KidSport, to help off set the cost!



The Flipping Fun Gymnastics would not be possible if not for our supporters. A huge thank you to Gymnastics BC, Fitkidz gymnastics, Paula Wolkosky, Ogloff Financial services, ViaSport Grant of BC, Boundary Integrated Support Model Team, Boundary Family Services, Grand Forks Recreation Department, Danville Outpost in Washington, Trail Gymnastics Club, Creston Valley Gymnastics Club, FreshSlice Pizza, Dr. Robb & Mary Sebastian, Boundary Flood Recovery Team, Integra Tire, Kootenay Car Care, Dave Dale Insurance, DJK Enterprises, Unifab !

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Private lessons

Flippin Fun Gymnastics offers private lessons from one our coaches. Please contact for more information.

  • Competition preparation
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Gymnastics practice and assistance

Birthday Parties

We offer to guide and host birthday parties for all ages. We offer birthday parties on Saturdays at any available time. Contact to booking and costs.

  • 1 hour gym time
  • 1 hour party

frequently asked questions

What does my child wear to gymnastics?”  “Do you have drop-ins?” “How can I get involved?”  “Will there be competitions?”

There is a lot you might be wondering about the Flippin Fun Gymnastics program. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.